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What make a holiday unique? It’s ensuring that every itinerary offers something personal, something special that is reflective of the individual. Holidays are like a signature, an expression of who you are and how you make your mark.

For 2016, we want to help create personal holiday experiences that say “WOW”. Our Mix and Match allow for flexibility with time, destination, budget and style of accommodation while offering new flavors of activities, adventures and Canadian comforts.

For travelers wanting to really meet the spirit of Canada, our B&B tours are the perfect way to discover what locals know. A B&B tour is one warm welcome after another, a pathway of local experience that blends to a rich experience of Canadians and the places that they love to share. With our B&B hosts, you can expect a friendly welcome, a chat and a visit over a cup of tea or maybe a glass of wine or beer and together, you can plan where the “must see and do” attractions are. B&B hosts are respected for their suggestions on where to eat, the best trails to walk and provide local knowledge on the best sights and attractions. And breakfast? Well, that’s an experience unto itself!

Travel is enriched by the people we meet and the spontaneous experiences that catch us by surprise and become the endearing memories that we never expected but will always remember
with fondness.
At Original Holidays, we hope that we can be a part of the holiday planning and the beginning of “WOW”!

Managing Director